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198 Van Vorst Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Enjoy a Home That Has Achieved LEED® Silver Certification

At its heart, green living is about community. It’s about improving the neighborhood in which you live. And it’s about improving the environments we all share. At Madox, you’ll find a fully green home offering everything from great walkability along tree-lined streets to a design that promotes fresh air and sustainable living. More importantly, you’ll be choosing a home that has achieved LEED Silver certification from the USGBC (US Green Building Council).

Madox is creating a green environment by:
  • Conserving land by being built on reclaimed urban land
  • Lowering energy waste through rigorous prevention of air leakage and the use of
    roofing materials including vegetation and an ENERGY STAR® listed reflective
  • Generating renewable power through rooftop solar panels
  • Purchasing 35% of building energy from renewable resources
  • Reducing water consumption through low-maintenance planting requiring no
    irrigation system
  • Conserving resources by using recycled, locally manufactured and
    assembled content as well as FSC-certified wood and rapidly renewable materials
  • Promoting resident health by using low-VOC materials to keep air fresh
Overall, Madox is designed to save 430,141 kWh of electricity and 37,805 therms of natural gas annually. The CO2 reduction is equivalent to preserving 4.8 acres of forest.