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The Madox Blog

Winter Workouts at The Madox

December 8, 2015

The winter can often make it difficult to live an active lifestyle. Once 5pm comes it’s already dark and cold so it’s easy to become a bit lazy! The Madox has a fitness center on premise so you don’t even need to go back out into the cold to get a work out! Jersey City also offers a few local classes which have discounted rates on certain days.

At $20.00 a class, yoga can become an expensive hobby but Power flow Yoga in Hoboken often offers free classes taught by new instructors. The classes are at 1:30pm on Saturdays. You can check their website and sign up each week so you are guaranteed a spot!

Mediation is another practice used to help cleanse your mind and body. Jersey City residents can find classes for $10.00 on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm at Modern Sage. Perfect after a long day at work!

Here is an article on how yoga and meditation help benefit the brain and body. Try them out this winter, whether you want to practice in your apartment, in our fitness center or at one of our local Jersey City studios!