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The Melting Pot: A Celebration of All Things Fondue in Hoboken

June 27, 2013

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If you and a group of friends are searching for a place to dine and are tired of the usual repertoire of overpriced meals, stuck up managers and over rated food, consider stopping by The Melting Pot. It is not just an opportunity to have fun with your food, but an experience you wouldn’t want to miss sharing with your loved ones.

Melting Pot Dining Room

Whether you’re going on an intimate night out for two or are finding a way to entertain some co-workers for the evening. Fondue has something that appeals to almost everyone.

If you thought fondue was only about dipping food in chocolate and cheese, you are about to experience why they call it “The Melting Pot”. While you eagerly wait for your succulent cut of sirloin, salmon, shrimp, lobster, ravioli, pork tenderloin, mahi mahi or just plain chicken to tenderize before your eyes, take the time to socialize with friends. Inhale the different aromas surrounding you, especially the excitement and curiosity on every face in the house.

Melting Pot Chocolate

The entrees are prepared in different ways such as the court bouillon, consisting of a fresh seasoned veggie broth, coq au vin, which infuses the burgundy wine with fresh herbs and spices. The mojo is the Caribbean seasoned bouillon with an appealing garlic taste and splash of citrus.

Melting Pot Bar

Each entrée is accompanied with one of their premium sauces such as curry, gorgonzola port, ginger plum, teriyaki glaze and the green goddess which is a blend of sour and cream cheeses, chives and parsley.
For light eaters they do carry salads, and there are several other entrees to choose from as well.

Melting Pot Dessert

Wednesday nights are their Ultimate Night of Romance evenings. Where you can have an all-inclusive date with that special someone. This summer, they will also have a Summer Lunch special and new items will be added to their extensive wine list as well.

100 Sinatra Drive Hoboken, NJ 07030
Sunday-Thursday: 11AM-10PM
Friday-Saturday: 11AM-11PM

Images: OpenTable, Yelp

Kymberlee Fajardo is a freelance writer and photographer working in NY/NJ. Her passion for photography blossomed from her love and appreciation of all things culinary. After graduating culinary school in NYC and a few line cook stints in NYC and NJ, she finally pursued her fascination with photography by capturing delectable goods while documenting her recipes and restaurant reviews. Her style has evolved from simply gourmet to capturing all aspects of human life. Fashion, boudoir, vintage, glamour, travel, art and more. When asked to describe her shooting style she simply states, “I aim to make you happy, hungry or ponder.” You can follow her culinary thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.