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The Madox Blog

Starting a Food Business in Jersey City

June 28, 2016

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own food establishment right here in Jersey City? Hudson Kitchen presents Table Talk Live which is a networking event for the food community.  The event was created to celebrate successful businesses, answer questions about the food business and create opportunities for collaborations for residents of Jersey City and surrounding areas.

At Table Talk Live you’ll learn tips on how to market a food business through “Beyond the Plate: How to be seen, heard and remembered” which a series of interactive small informative sessions.  Guests will also be able to network with restaurant owners, food truck operators, entrepreneurs, farmers and food bloggers. You’ll sample delicious food from local vendors and enjoy live music and specialty cocktails.  Not only will you munch on some of the best food Jersey City has to offer, but you’ll learn a lot. Creative foodies will instruct you on how to take amazing food photos, the art of creating the perfect culinary video and tips on pairing food and beverages.  You’ll be gaining new followers in no time!

Some of the confirmed food experts that will be at the event are Emily Catalano from Highly Social Media, which is a PR firm that specializes in helping food businesses tell their stories in an entertaining and creative way.  Carl Di Falco will also be at the live talk.  He hosts a food and cooking series called Cara’s Cucina which is very popular on the internet.  For all the photographers out there, you’ll be happy to know that William F. Spencer who owns a company that specializes in food photography will be present! He’ll inform guests on the best social media strategies for restaurants.