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198 Van Vorst Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
The Madox Blog

Self-Care in Jersey City

March 26, 2018

Jersey City just opened a new wellness spa and we couldn’t be more excited! Self-Care is very important for anyone who works long hours or has any stress in their life (don’t we all).  While living in a city, sometimes you just want some peace and relaxation.  As it turns out, there are many different self-care practices, but not all of them suit everyone.  om.Life in Jersey City, which is close to your Madox apartment has many services to help ease your body and mind.

When looking around downtown Jersey City the owners of om.Life saw an opportunity to create something special and be able to contribute to the community. Their wellness sanctuary brings everything that they’re passionate about – ancient knowledge, holistic health, modern technology, green living, and spiritual wellness – together in one place. They combined all their life and business experience to create the first wellness spa on the East Coast that offers a unique combination of services.

They’ve created a team that embodies om.Life’s mission on every level. Their combined skills in various forms of martial arts, Tai Chi, energy healing/reiki, journalism, authoring books, massage therapy, graphic design and beauty product formulation make their contribution to om.life invaluable and their business gets better each day with their presence.

Lucky for Madox residents, on March 28th, you can be a part of their official ribbon cutting and they’ll be offering a 24-hour 20% OFF SALE for any individual service.


Services they provide are: Floatation Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Normatic RecoveryKangen Water and corporate wellness.



18 Park View Ave Suite 2A

Jersey City, NJ 07302

(212) 206-0009