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The Madox Blog

Midnight Market in Jersey City

October 27, 2016

The holidays are right around the corner.  Make sure to mark your calendar for Jersey City’s first indoor night market on November 4th from 6:30pm-midnight at the Harborside Atrium.  This is a 21+ event and just a $5.00 cover.  At the market you’ll find cheap, delicious bites and tasty cocktails.  It’s the perfect event to attend with some friends and pick up some unique holiday gifts.  Some vendors we are excited to try are:

Taste of Poland – As the weather starts to get a little colder you’ll want some warm food in your life.  Don’t miss this booth and their excellent home-made Polish food (pierogis, kielbasa, zapiekanka, stuffed cabbage, ect).  They also have a store in Jersey City where they sell/serve all their wonderful food.

Baonanas – The newest dessert craze is right here in Jersey City! This yummy treat is a mixture of wafers, fresh bananas and a light fluffy pudding.  If you’re a fan of banana pudding you’ll LOVE this.  Some of their popular flavors are french toast, matcha, s’mores and espresso.

Grandma Downtown – Bread lovers….do not miss this booth! She uses seasonal and fresh ingredients and has been a hit in Jersey City for years.  Some of her classic rolls include; sausage and rabe, sausage with peppers and onions, chicken cutlet and roasted red peppers and she also has vegetarian and gluten free options.  You can find Grandma Downtown at most of the Jersey City markets and she also does catering.

Waffle & Co. – If you’ve been to any of the farmer’s markets in Jersey City then you know that Waffle & Co. serves delicious treats! Whether you like plain waffles or waffles topped with fruit, Nutella or ice cream, they have it all! Waffle & Co uses the freshest ingredients to create waffles that “fill your belly and warm your heart”.