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198 Van Vorst Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
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American Eats at Latham House of Jersey City

February 28, 2017

Jersey City doesn’t seem to disappoint when it comes to new restaurants.  June 2017 will mark Latham House’s one year anniversary but they are still receiving praise from all over the metro area.  If you’re someone who loves a nice rustic setting while enjoying dinner or brunch with friends, then you’ll want to make a reservation at Latham House of Jersey City ASAP!

It won’t be long until everyone in Jersey City is dining outside enjoying fresh air, drinks and of course…delicious food. Latham House has indoor and outdoor seating and has created quite a buzz in the community.  Their beautiful interior consists of dark wood, white walls and a long row of beautiful grey-marbled tabletops, all of which help the restaurant stand out.

Chef and owner, Dan Latham grew up in Upstate New York and studied cooking at the Culinary Institute of America.  Latham House serves American cuisine and the menu has influences from his up-bringing on the East Coast along with his wife’s West Coast background. Some signature dishes you can look forward to are the Cuban Reuben sandwich made with tender corned beef (cooked for 12 hours), special mustard sauce, spicy slaw and fries. Keep this sandwich in mind for St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re looking for a comfort dish, you must try their chicken pot pie or the Thai Bouillabaisse made with seafood in a curry coconut broth.  The burgers are also a popular item at this Jersey City eatery.

Stop by their happy hour every Tuesday-Friday from 2pm-7pm. We suggest their Turnpike Martini (Grey Goose Le Poire, pear nectar, lemon-ginger syrup) or the Latham Bloody during the weekend.

Latham House

299 Marin Blvd

Jersey City, NJ 07302