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The Madox Blog

Jersey City Events in October

October 1, 2015

October is just around the corner, and Jersey City has already got some great events set up for locals to fully enjoy themselves this fall. Kicking it off this October is the Whiskey Festival of New Jersey! With hundreds expected in attendance, the festival will kick off on October 15th from 6:30-9:30pm at Taphaus. They’re offering great deals at $75 per person, $70 per person when you buy 2 tickets, or $65 per person when you buy 4 tickets. Your to ticket to the Whiskey Festival includes access to more than 100 types of whiskey, including bourbon, rye, scotch and more liquors from New York, Tennessee, Kentucky, Scotland, Ireland and other regions. Creative cocktails will be made exclusively for this event, and savory tastings and light bites will be prepared by the Taphaus’s Chef.

From October 16th through the 18th, the Jersey City International Television & Film Festival will take place right here in our city. In addition to showcasing the talents of independent filmmakers and writers, this Festival aims to make Jersey City a place where the arts will flourish and grow, and a place where cultural diversity is championed. It’s growing prominence is making it a must attend for those involved in the industry.

The Festival of Lights Diwali is also happening this October on Saturday the 24th from noon to 6pm. An annual event usually held in October, the Festival of Lights Diwali will be sponsored by the Jersey City Cultural Affairs at Exchange Place, just a short walk away from us at The Madox. The program will include cultural and folk dances, live performances, a live band, children’s activities, delicious food stalls, vendors, henna, face painting, DJ and a raffle. This traditional Indian holiday is expected to draw large crowds as it’s been