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The Madox Blog

Jersey City Craft Distillery Fest

August 26, 2018

Jersey City Wine Fest is hosting a Craft Distillery Fest at Harborside Atrium which is just a short walk from your Madox apartment.  The festival will feature over 100 styles of spirits. Meet the distillers, master blenders, and other experts who will be in attendance. This is your chance to taste craft-distilled spirits from moonshine to mezcal. High end rum, cognac, whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila and more with majestic views of the city skyline.


Some spirits you can look forward to trying are:


Owls Brew – Owl’s Brew is a tea crafted for cocktails.  It was founded by tea-drinking boozers who were looking for a chaser that was lighter and fresher. They were bored of the go-to vodka cranberry and didn’t like that it was high in sugar and didn’t keep you hydrated. It didn’t take them long to think of a product that offered endless flavors, that was light and fresh – tea! You can order their products online or here is where you can find them.


Black Dirt Distillery – Black Dirt Distilling, LLC was formed in March, 2012. In order to meet the demand of the newly crafted and already renowned Black Dirt Bourbon and Black Dirt Apple Jack, born at the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery, the construction of a 4,000 square foot distillery along with a 60-foot distillation column was completed in Pine Island, NY in 2013. Today, the facility produces upwards of 60 barrels of whiskey or apple jack every week.  Warwick Winery is just an hour away from your Madox apartment and the perfect place to spend a fall day while enjoying Black Dirt bourbon and wine.


There will also be live music at this event!

Owl’s Brew


Black Dirt Distillery

114 Little York Rd, Warwick, NY 10990

(845) 258-6020