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The Madox Blog

JBF Greens at Mana Contemporary

October 16, 2016

The James Beard Foundation Greens and Mana Wine present a walk around tasting at Mana Contemporary on October 20th.  Guests will enjoy art, wine tastings, beer and exquisite plates from top New Jersey chefs such as Ryan DePersio of Batello, Ruby Felix of Talde and Michael Fiorianti of Satis Bistro.  All three restaurants are very popular in Jersey City and the surrounding area.

Mana Contemporary was founded in 2011 and remains one of the largest and most innovative contemporary art organizations in the United States.  It’s rapidly expanding location here in Jersey City, originally a tobacco warehouse built in 1890, will eventually encompass a footprint of more than two million square feet.

The JBF Greens is geared towards foodies under 40 and the events are usually in the NYC-area.  They are a national not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization based in NYC and are dedicated to celebrating, nurturing and definitely indulging in America’s diverse culinary heritage through programs that educate and inspire.

The James Beard Foundation has events all over the United States but it’s no surprise they chose Mana Contemporary in Jersey City to host one of their more intimate affairs.  The foundation is made up of dedicated staff, a strong board of trustees, diverse members and hundreds of volunteers.