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Hosting your Own Oscar Party at Madox

February 25, 2016

It’s that time of year again! The Oscars will be airing this Sunday, February 28th. Here’s are some tips to help you win “Best Oscar Party” for 2016 if you’re thinking of hosting your own party this year at your Madox apartment.

During the Oscars you’ll notice that most of the celebrities are drinking champagne. You can buy an inexpensive gold champagne bucket and ask that each guest/couple bring their own bottle of their favorite champagne or Prosecco. To make clean up easier (also cost effective) you can buy the plastic champagne flutes and jazz them up a bit with gold and silver permanent marker. A martini bar is an easy way to entertain as well. Tito’s vodka is gluten free and a crowd pleaser, perfect for your at-home martini bar. Add some olives, tooth picks and plastic martini glasses and you’re all set!

Another fun idea is to create an Oscar photo booth. You can make cut out Oscars, your own party clappers and of course champagne glasses. Here are some other ideas for your photo booth. Don’t forget about the red carpet! Party City has a 15 foot red carpet runner for just $6.99, the perfect centerpiece for any awards-themed party.

As with any party, most importantly you need some good snacks for your Oscar party You don’t have to be a celebrity chef to keep your guests pleased, so here are some fancy finger food ideas:

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show!