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The Madox Blog

Hoboken Mutzfest

January 21, 2016

The world famous Hoboken Mutzfest returns Sunday, January 31st. Eight of the cities well-known restaurants will be participating this year! Mutz is a popular word for mozzarella that is used around NJ and NYC. It’s a soft, wet, hand-kneaded cheese. Mutzfest is an annual event that brings the community together and promotes small businesses. Proceeds from the event go to the Hoboken Family Alliance and other community activities such as the Hoboken Bike Camp for individuals with disabilities.

This year’s lineup includes: Losurdo Bros. Deli, Luca Brasi’s Italian Deli, M & P Biancamano, Margaritas Pizza & Café, Rosticeria Da Gigi, Sasso’s Deli, Tony Boloney’s and Vito’s Italian Deli.

There is some serious competition going on between these eateries and M & P Biancamano is known to come out strong with the best mutz in the city! Hudson County is recognized for their amazing Italian food and food critics from all over say that this city does mutz the best.

If you’re a cannoli fanatic you are in luck because there will also be a cannoli eating contest! General admission tickets are $20.00 and free for kids under 12.

The Hoboken Family Alliance is a group dedicated to supporting families and their local community. They are always looking for volunteers if you like to help out with either events, marketing, philanthropy or special events.

Make sure to check out this event which is for a good cause! Who do you think will win the Mutz Contest this year?