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Head to Pier 13 in Hoboken This Spring

May 19, 2017

With the air finally warmer, Hoboken and Jersey City residents are finally ready to head to their favorite local hotspot – Pier 13, a family friendly beer garden that offers a variety of food, drinks, and activities, located at 1301 Sinatra Drive North, Hoboken, which is about three and a half miles from your Madox apartment.

Pier 13 prides itself on being the ‘city’s backyard’ and it serves as the communal gathering spot for food, drinks, social events such as movie nights and live music, sightseeing and activities on the water.

When it comes to getting something to eat with a twist, Pier 13 is a great destination since they host various new food trucks everyday such as Amanda’s Bananas, Pizza Vita, Empanada Guy, Luke’s Lobster and more. Plus, a huge array of beverages are served on the pier such as craft beer, frozen cocktails, homemade punch, sangria and other daily specials.

Once summer is here, Pier 13 becomes even more popular since they host various activities on the water such as stand-up paddle boarding tours and classes, where participants will get to see The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Liberty State Park and more. These classes also make for a great workout!

Kayaking tours are also offered from Pier 13, in which no previous experience kayaking is required. Since the tours tend to fill up quickly because they make for a fun yet relaxing daytime activity, make sure you make your reservation in advance!


Pier 13

1301 Sinatra Drive North, Hoboken

(201) 798-8065