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The Madox Blog

Halloween at Home in the Madox

October 19, 2015

Halloween’s no longer just for kids! If you enjoy this spooktacular holiday, there are many different Halloween party ideas you can celebrate right in your Madox apartment.

 Host a Formal Halloween Dinner Party

Enact a dress code requiring your party to don their best Victorian romance for the evening. (At the very least, require basic black with at least one Gothic accessory.) Cook up some spooky foods and desserts – it’s sure to be a great time!

 Make a Seasonal Cocktail (or two)

There are some great recipes for Halloween themed drinks, plus you can get creative using Horror themed glassware, Halloween candy as a drink garnish, and black cocktail napkins and straws.

 DIY Decorations

Stop by a nearby Goodwill, Salvation Army or any of our local thrift stores and pick up a few jars, candleholders, or other small items for decor. Spend a craft night painting them with traditional Halloween colors or patterns. Make this a fun yearly tradition and watch your collection grow!

 Scary Movie Countdown

Pick a list of 10 scary movies to watch with your friends. Narrow your choices by picking a theme like: all black and white, all 90’s horror, all vampire flicks, or some other niche in the horror department. You can host a viewing to watch the movies together or have everyone preview the films on their own. To make the night even better, combine with your dinner party and cocktail idea.