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Where To Go Horseback Riding Near Your Madox Apartment

August 8, 2017

With this beautiful, sunny, summertime weather, we have no excuse to stay holed up in our Madox apartments, no matter how beautiful they are – instead, it’s time to get out there in the great outdoors and get in touch with nature!


One way to do that is to take a scenic trail ride through the wilderness on horseback. Our Madox apartments may be situated in a bustling city, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t stables just a short drive away, making for a perfect weekend activity. Read on to find out where you can go horseback riding this weekend.


Elite Equine Group at Garrett Mountain Equestrian Center, located at 1 Park Road, Woodland Park which is about 30 minutes from your Madox apartment, is a full-service equestrian facility nestled on 26 acres within the Garret Mountain Reservation. They offer exclusive guided trail rides on horseback on over 550 acres of beautiful trails at their facility.

This equestrian center also offers trail rides, riding lessons, boarding, leases, summer camps, birthday parties and much more, so come to them with all of your equestrian needs!


Seaton Hackney Stables, located at 440 South Street in Morristown which is about 40 minutes from your Madox apartment, is located on the scenic flatlands of Morristown and trail rides are offered through Loantaka Park, a shady, wooded and relaxing park.


One hour, one and a half hour or even two hour guided trail rides are offered weekdays and weekends. Experienced riders are also welcome to forge their own path and go where they please through beautiful Morris County on horseback!


Elite Equine Group at Garrett Mountain Equestrian Center

1 Park Road, Woodland Park NJ 07076




Seaton Hackney Stables

440 South Street, Morristown NJ 07960

(973) 644-3355