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Where to go for Father’s Day near your Madox apartment

June 14, 2017

We can always rely on dads to be slaving away at the grill on a weekend summer night, eager to cook up some steaks, chicken and ribs. However, now that Father’s Day is almost here on Sunday, June 18, it’s time to reverse the roles and take dad out for his favorite meal for a change.

If you’re looking to take dad to a good-old-fashioned steakhouse this Father’s Day, you’re certainly in luck – there are tons of steakhouses located near your Madox apartment. Read on to find out where you should treat the number one man in your life for his special day.

Liberty Prime Steakhouse, located at 111 Montgomery St, Jersey City which is less than a half a mile from your Madox apartment, serves classic American steak and seafood dishes in a swanky, traditionally decorated space.

You can’t miss out on these steaks – Liberty Prime partners with one of New York’s oldest and most respected butchers – Debragga and Spitler, founded in the early 1920s – to hand-select and cut meats to their specifications.

Edward’s Steakhouse, located at 239 Marin Blvd, Jersey City which is four blocks from your Madox apartment, serves traditional steakhouse fare plus seafood and high-end wines in a 19th-century brownstone.

Edward’s Steakhouse has two elegantly appointed dining rooms and a classic Prohibition era bar to provide the perfect venue for Father’s Day. Plus, they have recently upgraded their offerings to include premium 28 day-dry aged steak selections, sourced from the finest purveyors in the New York City area.


Liberty Prime Steakhouse

111 Montgomery St., Jersey City


(201) 333-3633


Edward’s Steakhouse

239 Marin Blvd, Jersey City

(201) 761-0000