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The Madox Blog

Focus on Yourself at Madox in 2016

January 4, 2016

After a long weekend off, the craziness of shopping during the holidays and the excessive eating, you may be feeling a bit stressed and sluggish.

Take a few moments to yourself and think about your personal goals for 2016. Do you want a new job? Save more money? Spend more time with your family? Try a new hobby or activity? Once you realize what you would like to change or begin you can start working on your goals!

We all know that accomplishing our resolutions is harder than it seems. Some techniques that may help with achieving these goals may be keeping a journal throughout the day and changing your computer password to your goal, i.e., “family” “exercise” “car”. Create systems or ways to reach your goal. If your goal is to get a new job, write down what you will need to do in order to get hired! Maybe you want to apply to 5 jobs a day, work on your resume and practice going over interview questions. If you want to lose 15 pounds in 2016, write down what your weaknesses are whether it’s cutting back on sweets or limiting alcohol consumption to weekends.

Another tactic to help accomplish your goal may be to discuss them with your friends, family members or colleagues. Maybe they can motivate you not to stray away from your goals…or put a little pressure on you.

Printing out copies of your resolutions and posting them on your fridge, keeping a small copy in your wallet or keeping one at your work desk will also help you to stay focused in 2016.

Keep in mind, with our great location next to transportation, commerce, and the city, along with our list of modern amenities, it’s easy to relax in your apartment at Madox and focus on yourself at home. Come take a tour with us this month and see the lifestyle you could start living here in Paulus Hook. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016 from Madox!