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Where to Find the Best Lobster in Jersey City

July 1, 2016

Summer is the season for beaches, sun, cocktails, and of course lobster.  Luckily Jersey City has some amazing places to get your lobster fix.


Surf City has all the above with their summer Lobster Fest.  This venue is located directly on the water with incredible views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty and boasts a beachfront, a full service bar, and fire pits at night.  Surf City’s lobster fest started June 30th and will run until July 10th featuring a dozen lobster dishes.


Lobster nights are now being offered at two other restaurants in Jersey City as well.  If you have a case of the Mondays then Amelia’s Bistro has the cure.  With a purchase of any cocktail from their specialty drink list you can get a 1¼ pound lobster.  Hamilton Inn is your spot for Tuesday nights with their lobster shindig.  For $21 for one or $38 for two you get a 1¼ pound lobster, corn, and potatoes.


If you’re craving a delicious lobster roll then hit up The Angry Crab.  The Angry Crab is a food truck based in Jersey City and travels to different locations everyday.  They are known for their roll that is stuffed with juicy tender pieces of lobster tails that are spiced perfectly leaving an explosion of flavor in your mouth.  They have a large following so be prepared to see a line but know they are completely worth the wait!  Follow them on Twitter @theAngryCrabNJ or check out their website.  Another great place for a lobster roll is Just BeClaws which serves Southern cuisine with a Vietnamese influence in downtown Jersey City.  They offer a nice Cajun twist by cooking their lobster lightly in butter, as opposed to mayonnaise, and using spices that give it a nice kick and its wow factor.  Just BeClaws also serves lobster by the pound if a roll just won’t cut it.  Go to their website for their full menu and details on hours and location.