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198 Van Vorst Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
The Madox Blog

The Drawing Room in Jersey City

March 24, 2016

Jersey City is filled with creative and artistic people, and there is no lack of creative outlets around our city.  The Drawing Room is a contemporary arts center in the heart of Downtown Jersey City which focuses on individual and group drawings, paintings and print.  The Drawing Rooms offer artist in New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area 10 rooms where they can connect with one another, network and advance their careers.  If you’re walking around downtown you can walk through the gallery, examine the artwork and purchase pieces that you love.

Victory Hall, where the Drawing Rooms is located, began as an Elks Club Hall and was renovated from 2001 to 2007. It also offers room for theater, spoken word, poetry, film, music and dance events. Each year tens of thousands of people visit the venue!

Their current exhibit is “Project Room Show” which will end on March 27th so you still have time to check it out! The annual Project Room Show allows each artist to turn their gallery room into a unique visual experience for visitors.  Now that it’s officially spring you can enjoy bright watercolor abstractions and elegant fresh pieces of art.  Seven of the nine artists are Jersey City residents.  If you’ll be away the last weekend in March, don’t worry! The Project Room Show is now available online to view and you can purchase original artwork that catches your eye!