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Don’t Miss This Memorial Day Parade Near Your Madox Apartment

May 26, 2017

Memorial Day is finally almost here on May 29 – the day that we will celebrate those who have served for our military by foregoing our workdays to attend parades, see friends and family and enjoy the great weather that the spring season has finally brought to us.

At our Madox apartments, we are lucky to be surrounded by tons of exciting Memorial Day celebrations that will get you outside with some great summer foods and drink and also give you the chance to honor those who have served for us through parades throughout the region. However, there is one big parade in the area that is definitely a can’t-miss!

The Hoboken 119th annual Memorial Day Parade, which is the oldest continuous parade in New Jersey, will assemble near City Hall (1st Street and Washington Street) and proceed north on Washington Street to the reviewing stand on 10th Street and Washington Street in front of the Hoboken Elks Lodge.

Before the parade, there will be an interfaith memorial service at Community Church of Hoboken located at 600 Garden Street, Hoboken which is about two and a half miles from your Madox apartment and after the parade, there will be a Hudson County Memorial Day service at Holy Name Cemetery of Jersey City at 823 West Side Avenue, which is also about two and a half miles from your Madox apartment.

This parade, which will be filled with marching bands, school and community groups, the grand marshal and company and more, is a can’t-miss local activity so make sure that you make your way there on Memorial Day!


Hoboken 119th annual Memorial Day Parade

1st Street and Washington Street