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Jersey City, NJ 07302
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Dining with Guests Around The Madox

September 1, 2015

If you have friends or family coming into town and you’re ready to show them the best of Jersey City, there’s no reason to spend a fortune! Jersey City has some great dining options that will give you a fun evening without breaking the bank.

For breakfast or brunch, the City Diner has fantastic choices with an all-day breakfast menu. Have a Spicy Hot Bloody Mary and choose any of their meal options – you can’t go wrong. And to top it off, if you decide you don’t want to go out, City Diner delivers!

Another great place to try out is The Iron Monkey. With a pub-like atmosphere, dine out on their rooftop, try one of their many craft beer options and split a plate full of spicy fries. Their lunch special is great, for only $10 you can pick your meal and a beer of your choice. With over 35 draft options, there’s something for everyone. You can also try the Iron Monkey for dinner, while it may be a pub they offer so much more than typical pub-fare. Iron Monkey even has options for both meat and non-meat eaters – the latter of which includes an awesome Black Bean Burger with a side of maple roasted sweet potatoes.

For a more upscale environment, Porto Leggero is chic eatery not too far form us. Filled with chandeliers, high ceilings and plenty of windows, Porto Leggero serves Italian cuisine and has all your favorites as well as a few more unique items. They take reservations and are open week nights until 9:30 p.m., and weekends until 10:30 p.m.



City Diner

31 Montgomery Street | Jersey City, NJ 07302
Tel: 201-721-5331


The Iron Monkey

99 Greene Street | Jersey City, NJ  07302

Tel: 201- 435 – 5756


Port Leggero

Harborside Financial Plaza V
156 Hudson St | Jersey City, NJ 07311

Tel: 201-434-3200