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The Madox Blog

Craft Beer Lovers, Unite in Jersey City

December 31, 2016

It might be getting a little colder, but that won’t stop beer lovers from enjoying their favorite alcoholic beverage.  Lucky for you, Departed Soles Brewing Co. is located right in Jersey City.

Departed Soles opened its doors in the Powerhouse Arts District in Jersey City in the summer of 2015.  They are known to have great craft beer and pride themselves on being New Jersey’s first craft brewery offering craft beer with 100% gluten free ingredients.  Their owner studied intensive brewing science and engineering-brewery so he knows what he’s doing.  He believes that beer is “an integral part of American culture, whether it is drinking at BBQ’s, beer pong in college, or tailgating before a game or concert”.

Some of their favorite beers (which aren’t gluten free!) are The Nuggy Monster (a touch of Rye for sweetness, oats for body, plus a hardy hand of nugget hops), Deuces (rich fruity flavor plus a well-balanced bitterness) and their seasonal gluten-free pumpkin beer.

Word on the street is Departed Soles is also dog friendly! The next time you’re taking your pet for a long walk and wishing you could also meet up with your friends for a beer, make sure to check this place out! If you’re looking to spend your New Year’s Eve at Departed Soles, they’ll be open from 2-9pm and open on New Year’s Day from 2-7pm.

You can also pick up beers to-go from Departed Soles if you’d rather enjoy the them in your apartment at The Madox.