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Cool Off at These Pools Near Your Madox Apartment

June 9, 2017

Now that the weather is finally heating up, those of us who love to spend some quality time poolside – catching a tan, reading a book or practicing our backstroke – are getting eager to find a nearby pool to call our own.

Here in Jersey City, we are surrounded by luxury pools that have all that we could want – a poolside bar, crisp, blue water and some hot sun. Read on to find out what pools you should stop by this summer.

Pershing Field Pool, located at 201 Central Ave, Jersey City which is about three miles from your Madox apartment, is an indoor public pool open all year, offering open swimming as well as swim lessons and scuba classes.

Plus, the pool is surrounded by 14 acres of recreational space and includes tennis courts, a basketball court, bocce ball courts, baseball fields, a running track, a children’s playground with water sprinkler, a community center and an ice skating rink, making for a great day out no matter what you feel like doing!

Lafayette Pool, located at 303 Van Horne St, Jersey City which is about a mile and a half from your Madox apartment, is a fun, public pool that is perfect for the whole family with its water slides, kids pool and private swimming lanes.

Open until September 5, many Jersey City residents can be found hanging out this pool every weekend during the summer months! Stop on by for a relaxing and fun day out with your neighbors.


Pershing Field Pool

201 Central Ave., Jersey City

(201) 547-5003



Lafayette Pool

303 Van Horne St, Jersey City

(201) 547-5003