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The Madox Blog

Cinco de Mayo in Jersey City

May 4, 2016

When you think about the start of May, Cinco de Mayo probably pops into your head.  Jersey City has a lot of fun activities (most involve margaritas and food!) that you can be a part of.  Whether you’re looking for a bar crawl, authentic Mexican cuisine or you’d prefer to stay at home and make your own margaritas and tacos in your Madox apartment, we have you covered!

Head to PJ Ryan’s on Thursday May 5th to pick up your pubcrawls.com wristband and map to enjoy all the perks of joining a pub-crawl.  You’ll get discounts on alcohol and be able to sample food from restaurants you have never been to in Jersey City.

If you had a long day at work and feel like enjoy a relaxing meal out then you can check out Taqueria Viva Mexico Kitchen Café which is directly outside of our building.  This cute café is known for their authentic Mexican cuisine.  Some favorite dishes include: grilled Cajun shrimp chilaquiles, chipotle chicken burrito, chicken sopes, steak quesadillas. For our resident vegetarians, they offer veggie enchiladas and quesadillas.   This establishment is also BYOB and does online delivery through Seamless.

Those are two great options for the evening, however, staying at your apartment in comfy clothes with some friends and a home cooked meal sounds amazing too! We have two great recipes if you choose to stay in your apartment.  This chicken and cheese quesadilla sounds absolutely delicious! It’s nice and easy and takes under an hour to prepare.  This recipe makes up to 8 servings so make sure to share! Last but not least, the margarita. These 10 margarita recipes use less sugar and are easy to make!