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Check Out These Wineries Near Your Madox Apartment

September 1, 2017

Even though summer is on its way out, there’s still plenty of warm weather to be enjoyed before autumn is in full spring and the leaves begin falling. Cool breeze or not, one fun activity that’s perfect for taking advantage of the sunshine is visiting a local winery, where you can peruse vineyards, try local wines and take home a bottle for your Madox apartment guests.

Around Jersey City, there are plenty of beautiful wineries in neighboring towns that have wines for every palette, whether you prefer a strong Cabernet or a crisp Chardonnay. Read on to find out where you can hang this weekend and mix up your usual bar or restaurant hangout.

Tomasello Winery At Abma’s Farm, located at 700 Lawlins Rd, Wyckoff which is about an hour from your Madox apartment, is located in the heart of the Outer Coastal Plain – American Viticultural Area (AVA). This federally recognized viticultural region is home to some of the oldest wineries in the country.

They currently have 70 acres under vine, with more than 30 different varieties of grapes including Native American, French hybrids and classic vinifera. Throughout their three quarters of a century in the wine business, they have continuously experimented with new varietals to see which varietals are best suited to their location and which produce the highest quality wines.

Cream Ridge Winery, located at 145 County Rd 539, Cream Ridge which is about an hour and 20 minutes from your Madox apartment, was founded in 1988 by Tom and Joan Amabile.  Since 1988, the Amabile family has enjoyed a passion for wine and the joy of spending time with their customers.

Some of their wines include a sauvignon blanc, dry Riesling, the Jersey Berry, Eastern white, a sweet Riesling, pinot mojito, the NJ Chardonnay and much more. Stop by to see what else they have been working on!


Tomasello Winery At Abma’s Farm

700 Lawlins Rd, Wyckoff, NJ 07481

(201) 848-6001


Cream Ridge Winery

145 County Rd 539, Cream Ridge, NJ 08514

(609) 259-9797