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Check Out These Roller Rinks Near Your Madox Apartment

August 28, 2017

Although August is, of course, the time to be outside, sometimes we get stuck with a rainy day and have no choice but to stay indoors. However, in a place like Jersey City, there’s never nothing to do – there’s always great rainy day activities to keep you busy all weekend long.


Strapping on some skates and going for a few spins at the local roller rink is a fun way to spend the afternoon – whether you’re five-years-old or fifty-years-old. Get in the nostalgic spirit next time we get stuck with a storm and head to these roller rinks near your Madox apartment!


Multi-Services Center Roller Rink, located at 126 Adams Street in Hoboken which is about three miles from your Madox apartment, is a huge roller rink that’s popular for families – in both rain or shine.


Here, there is also space for those looking to do some tricks on bikes or skateboards, so head to this rink if you want to bring out your inner child and also get a workout in that doesn’t need a gym!


Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center, located at 7th Avenue and Clifton Avenue in Newark which is about 25 minutes from your Madox apartment, is an indoor roller-skating rink offering skating lessons, arcade games and party packages.

Besides their popular roller rink, the skating center also offers a state-of-the-art sound system, live DJs, a fully-stocked cafe and a game area with prizes.  Come join them for kids’ public and private birthday parties, fundraisers for your schools and groups, exercise and family fun.


Multi Services Roller Rink

126 Adams Street, Hoboken NJ 07030



Branch Brook Roller Skating Center

7th Avenue and Clifton Avenue, Newark NJ