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Check Out These New Jersey City Restaurants Near Madox

March 20, 2017

Every Madox resident has their tried-and-true restaurant favorites that they flock to on a lazy night, however, Jersey City is chock-full of fantastic restaurants and luckily for Madox residents, there are tons of new ones that have recently joined the neighborhood.

Ani Ramen House, a popular ramen shop which has another location in Montclair, has officially brought its steamy, yummy ramen to Jersey City with their new location at 218 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, which is only one mile from your Madox apartment. Besides ramen bowls, you can also get some stellar pork buns, gyoza and even alcohol here, as the Jersey City location has a full bar, unlike the Montclair location.

Pork buns from the Ani Ramen House have been hailed by the New York Times as being equal to Momofuko’s in New York, a famous hotspot for the item. Check out what Chef Chris Arturo, the head chef of the Jersey City location, is cooking up here – he’s a veteran of Montclair’s Pig and Price and Newark’s Nico.

El Cocotero, which specializes in Venezuelan cuisine, including bite-size pastries, pressed sandwiches and entrees such as the traditional pabellon criollo, rice, beans, shredded beef and fried plantains, brings a whole new cuisine to Jersey City with its new location at 749 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City which is about two miles from your Madox apartment.

The original El Cocotero is in Chelsea and is famed for its arepas, the stuffed corn cakes that some believe will be the next food craze. Check these out at the new Cocotero, which just opened in Jersey City in February.


Ani Ramen House

218 Newark Avenue, Jersey City


(973) 744-3960


El Cocotero

749 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City


(212) 206-8930