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The Madox Blog

Celebrating National Champagne Day in Jersey City

October 22, 2018

On Tuesday, October 23rd, celebrate National Champagne Day by sipping on some delicious bubbly close to your Madox apartment.  If you prefer to enjoy a glass or two at home, there are a few wine places that have delicious and reasonably priced bottles.

Satis Wine Bar – In addition to a full bar and signature cocktail list that changes with the seasons, Satis offers over thirty bottled beers, and over forty-five wines by the glass, bottle and half bottle. The bar at Satis is dimly lit and cozy with a long and beautiful white Carrera marble top that makes guests feel like they are sipping wine and eating tapas in Paris, Barcelona or Rome. They also have meats and cheeses which pair perfectly with your champagne.

Light Horse Tavern – This restaurant is a favorite in Paulus Hook and is just a few minutes from your apartment. If you love fresh seafood, Light Horse Tavern receives fresh products daily such as oysters from Fishers Island that are pulled out of the water delivered to them on the same day. They pride themselves on producing the best food for their guests.


Liberty Wine and Deli – If you’re looking to grab a bottle of champagne for the evening, Liberty Wine and Deli is the place! They have a great selection of wine and in the back,  you’ll find a refrigerated section with cheeses and meats.


Satis Wine Bar

212 Washington St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 435-5151


Light Horse Tavern

199 Washington St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 946-2028


Libery Wine and Deli

200 Washington St, Jersey City, NJ 07302