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Best Fall Restaurants in Jersey City

October 6, 2016

Fall is a lot of people’s favorite time of year because of the foliage, décor, and the delicious food that warms us up inside and out. Jersey City is the perfect place to celebrate autumn with a variety of cuisines and places to dine.  To narrow down the choices, we’ve made a list of the best restaurants to visit this season.

Latham House – This restaurant not only provides tasty food but a beautiful ambiance as well! Huge windows, a rustic décor, comfy chic booths, vintage chandelier light fixtures and a hand crafted wooden bar complete this unique dining experience.  The restaurant is set aside from the other restaurants in Jersey City, so you’ll enjoy a quiet area if that’s what you like.  It’s a classy yet reasonably priced restaurant and their menu is mouth-watering! Some items we suggest off the new dinner menu are chicken pot pie (perfect for a crisp fall evening), nut and autumn squash ravioli and the cast iron mac & cheese which includes 3 upstate cheeses, golden cauliflower and a crispy top.  They also have a brunch menu which includes an out-of-this-world egg sandwich and huevos rancheros.

Light Horse Tavern – This place is definitely a favorite in Jersey City.  With each menu they offer their raw bar which includes the freshest seafood you can get.  LHT offers a brunch, lunch and dinner menu and we must say, their burger is one of the best in the city.   Customers would recommend their steak and eggs, banana bread appetizer and the buckwheat pumpkin pancakes (gluten free). It’s the perfect spot for a fall brunch with friends.  They also have large windows so you can enjoy the tree-lined sidewalks in beautiful Paulus Hook.

Skinners Loft – A charming, upscale restaurant and bar with an enticing menu, craft beers and a quaint rooftop dining area (check it out before it gets too cold).  The inside is decorated with rustic accents making it the perfect fall lunch or dinner spot.  Their menu also changes based on what’s in season so you’ll find the freshest ingredients. Some highly recommended items are the vegan-gluten free lasagna and the pan roasted filet mignon.