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The Madox Blog

Summer Towns Near Madox

May 31, 2016

Summer is almost here! New Jersey has beautiful towns and beaches and they’re not too far from the Madox apartment building.

With its small town charm, laid back atmosphere, cute restaurants and beautiful beaches, Stone Harbor offers a fun time for you and your friends and family.  The beaches tend to be a less crowded than most of the Jersey shore and are walking distance to all points of town.  If you love shopping check out 96th street where you’ll find cute boutiques.  For food, stop by Peace A Pizza, which serves chicken parm pizza, macaroni and cheese pizza and of course, amazing plain slices as well. End the evening at Springers Homemade Ice Cream Shop which has been open since 1920.

Belmar is another great NJ town to go if you’re looking for nightlife, a beautiful beach and great food.  Tenth street is home to Avenue Burrito and has some of the best Mexican food in central New Jersey.  If you’re looking for a BYOB restaurant, Ragin’ Cajun is a great option. For vegans, Kaya’s Kitchen, which is in the center of town offers vegan and vegetarian options.  Pier 9 is the best bet if you want live music, great drinks and beautiful views of the bay. Also, Bar A is a great brunch spot and offers cheap drinks, volleyball courts and outdoor tiki bars.