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Art Around Jersey City & Hoboken

March 1, 2016

Art lovers rejoice! Did you know there are galleries all over Hoboken and Jersey City? More than just places to view the latest in the art world, these venues can also be a great place to host a party or fundraising event.

Mana Contemporary in Jersey City has become very successful and proves you don’t need to go into New York City to see famous artwork.  Artists such as Gary Lichtenstein have artwork displayed at Mana and he even stops into the venue here and there to help with creative ideas. They have a restaurant in the building as well so you can stop in for a bit before or after you take a tour.

Barsky Gallery is located on 49 Harrison Street and is a beautiful gallery! They are open from 11am-6pm Wednesday through Sundays.  What’s better than enjoying some brunch and mimosas then heading over for a leisurely afternoon at a relaxing gallery? Barsky Gallery will also be at the Scope New York Art Fair on March 3rd, an art show that changed the landscape of the contemporary art fair industry.  This is a great achievement for this Hoboken gallery and speaks volumes to how successful they’ve been. Make sure to check it out!

Hob’art Gallery is a great place to visit for free art at their monthly art shows which usually start off with food, drinks and nice conversation! They also have classes you can sign up for and occasionally show free films. Free parking is available at the rear of the building on Jackson Street.

Art House Productions is located at 136 Magnolia Ave in Jersey City.  For $6.00 you can enjoy live performances which are intimate and have an underground feel to it. They welcome comedians, poets, artists, spoken word, dance and many other creative outlets.