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The Madox Blog

28th Annual Jersey City Art & Studio Tour

October 3, 2018

If you’re someone who enjoys experiencing art and culture in Jersey City, then head to the 28th Annual Jersey City Art & Studio tour on October 4th-7th throughout the city (self-guided walking map found on their site).  There will be over 21-square miles of art exhibits, performances, installations, curated tours, and special events.  On the map, you’ll find a few places that are showcasing artwork right outside your Madox apartment.

All weekend, hundreds of art spaces will open their doors for JCAST, the city-wide event that celebrates art and culture in Jersey City.  It features artwork and performances of nearly 1,000 local and regional artists and residents are invited to enjoy and purchase art all weekend.

This year’s highlight for JCAST is the recently acquired Pathside Building at 84 Sip Avenue, adjacent to the Journal Square PATH station.  This is the future arts and culture center for the city of Jersey City which the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency provided to JCAST as a temporary headquarters for the arts festival weekend. The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency (JCRA) was created in 1949 as an autonomous Agency to serve as the City’s primary vehicle to create opportunities and to attract residential, commercial and industrial real estate projects. The Pathside building has been converted into a beautiful gallery and performance space and will also serve as an information center for the curated tours.

There is something for everyone at JCAST and we are looking forward to more events in the future!


Pathside Building

84 Sip Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306