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The Madox Blog

10 Little Known Facts About Jersey City

November 6, 2015

It’s no secret that we at the Madox love our home in Jersey City. Paulus Hook, the neighborhood we call home is both historic and scenic with it’s beautiful Hudson River views. There are so many reasons why more and more people are calling Jersey City home and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular living destinations for young professionals in our area. However, for all that we know about Jersey City, there are still quite a few facts most of us don’t know.

  1. The neon red Colgate clock on the Jersey shoreline is the fourth largest clock in the world with a diameter of 15.24 meters.
  2. Jersey City is one of the most racially diverse cities in the world with non-Hispanic white, Hispanic/Latino, African American, and Asian populations making up close to 25 percent of the total population each.
  3. The Liberty Science Center is home to the nation’s largest IMAX dome theatre.
  4. Jersey City is the oldest town in New Jersey, developing around Bergen Square in 1660.
  5. The area in Jersey City known as “The Heights” is home to some of the country’s most well preserved Victorian mansions.
  6. The Statue of Liberty is actually inside of Jersey City, even though New York still has legal jurisdiction.
  7. Jersey City is the birth city of famed: Martha Stewart, Nathan Lane, and Frank Sinatra’s daughter Nancy Sinatra.
  8. The city carries a few unique nicknames: “Wall Street West,” and “J.C.” and “Chilltown.”
  9. The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre, one of the five Loew’s Wonder Theatres, is the only one located outside of New York City.
  10. Jersey City is unique in that it has one of the most comprehensive transit and transportation systems in the country. Home of the Port Authority PATH Subway System, the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail System, public and private bus lines, The NY Waterway Ferries, the New Jersey Turnpike Extension, the Pulaski Skyway, and the Holland Tunnel to New York City.